Team Member Jersey Mike's Subs Arvada

Title Team Member
Date 23 November 2020
Company Jersey Mike's Subs
City Arvada

Short Description :

All cash handling policies You proudly take ownership of the restaurant and its cleanliness/orderliness not only within its four walls ensuring that work areas, restrooms, and lobby are clean and sterilized, but starting at the front curb where customers receive their first ,…

Full Description :

We are looking for the next ROCK STAR to join our family at Jersey Mike’s Subs!!! Full and part-time positions available in most locations. Must understand the importance of the customer experience and that you are the “Face” of Jersey Mike's. Real people serving awesome freshly sliced sandwiches Mike's Way to real people. You personally create A Sub Above experience for each guest while maintaining a sterile environment. You take ownership of company objectives, are a positive person, responsive communicator in-person and digitally, embrace change, and are quick to adjust to differing duties to meet the ever-changing flow of business. You are accountable for completing all tasks in a timely fashion and using the media set up to do so, as well as being dependable so that your team may rely on you to show up just prior to all shifts, as you may rely on them. You proactively reach out to teammates to cover any scheduled shifts you cannot make, obtaining managerial permission prior to posting, and keep schedule changes to a minimum. Of paramount importance is someone who embraces our Shore Points program by reminding every customer to enter their number so they may earn free subs FAST, and to sign up those who have not yet joined....building the business and maintaining retention. Additionally, in the spirit of all working together, you will politely remind co-workers to do the same if it temporarily slips their mind. We are looking for folks who are detail oriented. You notice the sodas are not all perfectly lined up, so you take 5 seconds to face them as you whisk by. You proudly take ownership of the restaurant and it's cleanliness/orderliness not only within its four walls ensuring that work areas, restrooms, and lobby are clean and sterilized, but starting at the front curb where customers receive their first impression of us, to the back entrance ensuring a clean environment for all employees and corporate visits. You love not only meeting expectations, but exceeding them, and embrace a friendly competitive spirit with one another to be the BEST at creating the BEST. And perhaps most importantly, you embrace our philanthropic spirit of giving our time, our sandwiches, our lives for the betterment of those in need (be they human or animal) locally, nationally, and internationally as we share what and how we can, together in the true spirit of Jersey Mikes' "Giving to Give". What do you get for all that time and effort? A fantastic team with the lowest turnover in the area; support from the owners to the managers, to teammates, not in an impersonal "this is what the book says" way, but a true investment in you and your success as an individual both inside and outside the company Add to that local and national employee incentives as well as a clear pathway to advancement within the company, and you create your own path! Yearly raises based on two performance reviews/year. Ninety day review after onboarding with six weeks to fix any outstanding issues and either continue on or part ways. And finally, true to at least this owner group, some nice breakfasts and fun games at paid meetings, and a blow-out awesome holiday party each year! If this sounds like you...we can't wait to meet you and get you onboard! Cheers.
Essential Functions include, but are not limited to:
  • Being responsible for properly prepping, storing, and serving the freshest possible products.
  • Adhering to the highest quality service standards.
  • Fostering a positive environment of team work, readily switching up assignments on a dime to meet customer needs.
  • Understanding the need for speed! This is a fast paced job, and we need fast slicers, sprinklers, and wrappers.
  • Signing up several Shore Points members each day, and reminding existing customers to enter their number.
  • Engaging in two-way, responsive communication utilizing emotional intelligence both in person and via digital platforms (text/WhatsApp/Jolt etc.)
  • Greeting and thanking every customer with a genuine smile, eye contact, and a personal non-robotic conversation.
  • Offering drinks and sides if not already selected, as well as alerting customer to any current specials if applicable.
  • Following all uniform guidelines regarding the color, type, and cleanliness of all assigned uniforms as well as personal clothing required, in addition to maintaining hands, nails, hair according to safety and cleanliness standards as well.
  • Executing quality store operations as determined by owners, managers, and shift leaders including helping to reduce costs and track any and all losses diligently.
  • Cleaning and restocking store lobby, condiment area, restrooms, dishes, floors, line, back area, outside front and back areas including inside and outside ledges according to schedule as directed by management and/or via Red Book, Jolt, or any current task platform.
  • Operating, continually cleaning, and maintaining (sharpening) food preparation machinery such as meat slicers, tomato slicers, etc.
  • Adhering to all food safety and security guidelines.
  • Operating cash register and handling cash/credit/pre-order transactions while adhering to all cash handling policies.
Additional Requirements
  • Understands and respects the chain of command: corporate>owners>manager>assistant manager>shift lead>line employee.
  • Ability to get along well with, work well with, and conduct yourself respectfully toward others.
  • Reliability: subscribing to the notion that being 15 minutes early is "on-time", walking through the door "on-time" is "late", and walking through the door after your scheduled time without communication to management is unacceptable and may result in disciplinary action including, but not limited to, a verbal and/or written warning, and should this be a recurring issue will be reflected in your review and may result in termination.
  • Operate with 100% transparency and honesty. Integrity: doing the right things for the right reasons whether someone is watching or not.
  • Ability to take constructive criticism and make positive changes in a reliable and permanent fashion.
  • Ability to share constructive criticism and share best practices which help the entire team's efficiency and/or effectiveness, done so in the appropriate manner through the appropriate channels.
  • ,Ability to lift heavy boxes, move quickly with swift changes of direction, and commit myriad orders to memory to pass down the line.
  • Ability to stand, bend, reach, twist, slice, and scoop through-out assigned shift.
  • Ability to be mobile in walk-in refrigerator and freezer with temperatures ranging from 40° F to -10° F.
  • Ability to stand for long periods of time, preparing hot subs on a hot grill operating at an average temp of 350°.
  • Ability to utilize "360° view" while working, looking beyond the immediate task to see what the customer/corporate visitor sees, taking care of it midstream to help maintain cleanliness and orderliness at all times. Example: Walking to the lobby to set out a delivery bag; taking a quick peek around the corner, noticing straw wrappers strewn about the condiment area, picking them up and properly disposing of them; walking back to the line glancing at chips on the way, straightening a few askew packages; glancing up at soda machine a couple of steps away, noticing a couple not faced correctly, taking two seconds to face them; noticing a glove on the floor which missed the trash bin as you step back to the line, pick it up and dispose of it properly; arrive at register, notice dust/oil on mouse/computer stand/shelving/bread knife, grab a sanitizing towel and give it a quick wipe. Two employees. Same route. One drops off the "to-go" bag, turns around and walks back to his/her original position; the other uses the aforementioned 360° view. In the grand scheme of things, virtually the same amount of time spent. 100% visual improvement based on your eagle eye and responsiveness, enhancing the customer experience, and the team experience utilizing the 360° view. We get myriad compliments on our cleanliness via reviews, personal comments, and on corporate store visits. We want that 360° Rock Star on our team! Take pride in your part of creating the value-added confidence our guests have in us. It's the little things that matter. Don't strive to meet expectations. Strive to exceed expectations. That's the Jersey Mike's Way! A Sub Above.
  • Very upbeat atmosphere with a fast pace, so shifts go by quickly.
  • Great work relationships forged while working closely together to make the customer experience a fantastic one.
  • Because of the great service provided by our team, tips are significant and shared fairly among everyone to the tune of an additional $3/hour, on average, often times more.
  • Typically lots of scheduling flexibility.
  • Opportunity for advancement as the company grows.
  • Specific to our group of stores, an annual blow-out fun employee appreciation holiday party, and employee incentives.
  • And to top things off, one of the directives closest to our hearts is PHILANTROPY, so while working with us, you'll be helping us to help our neighbors in any number of ways, sometimes as part of a local initiative, sometimes a local or international this is a job you can truly feel good about from all angles!
Jersey Mike's SubsArvada
5324 Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, Colorado 80002

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