Vice President Of Community Health SpiriTrust Lutheran™ Chambersburg

Title Vice President Of Community Health
Date 2020
Company SpiriTrust Lutheran™
City Chambersburg

Short Description :

Administration, Public Health Administration BSN or related field Supports the mission of SpiriTrust Home Care amp Hospice and LIFE Lutheran Services which is to answer Christs call by providing health care and related services to those who are striving to achieve their ,…

Full Description :

Spiritrust Lutheran is hiring a Vice President of Community Health

Education/Training: Bachelor’s degree in Business, Health Care Administration, Public Health Administration BSN or related field; Master’s degree preferred.
Skill(s):Speaks and understands English; proficient reading, writing, grammar, and mathematics skills; proficient interpersonal relations and communicative skills; proficient organizational skills; moderate PC skills; demonstrated management skills; ability to bend, stoop, sit, stand, reach, and lift items weighing 25 pounds or less;visual and auditory skills; valid driver’s license.
Experience:A minimum of five (5) years’ experience in administration in a health care setting normally required.

General Responsibilities:
Serves as the leader of SpiriTrust Home Care & Hospice and LIFE Lutheran Services; active and general management of SSLHCH and LIFE; carrying out the programs of SLHCH and LIFE as directed by and in accordance with the policies formulated and adopted by the Boards of Directors; making regular reports to the Boards concerning the work of SLHCH and LIFE; assuring development of and compliance with the operating and capital expenditure plans for Board approval; implementing strategies to achieve goals as established in the operating and strategic plans; ensuring the each Program’s compliance with policies and procedures and outside regulatory requirements; communicating with appropriate management and staff; providing periodic reports.

Essential Duties

  • Supports the mission and values of SpiriTrust Lutheran which is: SpiriTrust Lutheran, witnessing to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, provides exceptional health, human, and senior living services by supporting persons in achieving an optimal quality of life.

  • Supports the mission of SpiriTrust Home Care & Hospice and LIFE Lutheran Services which is to answer Christ's call by providing health care and related services to those who are striving to achieve their highest possible quality of life, health, and comfort.
  • Interacts with client and participants and participants, staff, and the general public in ways that demonstrate the agency’s commitment to courtesy, service, and hospitality befitting a church related organization.

  • Works with Boards of Directors of SLHCH and LIFE and the associated committees to ensure organization of Board activities, continuity of board leadership, and talent of board members.

  • Oversees the strategic planning, operations, marketing, accounting, human resources and external relations of Community Health Services, as illustrated by the following:

a. Develops and implements programs and services which promote the physical, psycho-social, and emotional well-being of clients and participants.

b. Ensures a high degree of quality client and participant care is maintained at all times.

c. Works with the Boards of Directors to develop short-range and long-range strategic plans.

d. Leads and models appropriate adherence to all internal policies, procedures, and practices, laws, licensure and regulatory requirements, ensures that all personnel adhere to the same; reviews policies and procedures frequently.

f. Ensures development of performance indicators and effective measurement of the indicators in all areas of operation; meets with managers on a regularly scheduled basis to share ideas and concerns and to conduct problem-solving sessions; periodically reviews and analyzes the performance of programs to measure their effectiveness against established goals.

g. Provides oversight for budget preparation and monitoring.

h. Ensures the development of the yearly in-service schedule for all staff.

  • Oversees the development and implementation of marketing, community, and public relations activities that advance the mission and position of SLHCH, LIFE and SPIRITRUST LUTHERAN.

k. Represents SLHCH, LIFE and SPIRITRUST LUTHERAN in dealings with outside agencies, including governmental agencies and third-party payers, or delegates a person to be the authorized representative of the organization.

l. Maintains a current knowledge of rules, regulations and legislation affecting operations; maintains an up-to-date knowledge of economic conditions in general and specific to the assigned geographic region; interprets reimbursement policies of state and federal agencies; informs and educates Board members on broad aspects of services, regulatory changes, and other trends.

m. Attends and actively participates in management meetings and implements and communicates resulting procedural changes, directives, etc.; conducts staff meetings/workshops to share pertinent information.

  • Confers directly with the President/CEO in preparing the annual requests for expenditures; reviews and interprets monthly financial statements; authorizes the purchase of major equipment/supplies in accordance with guidelines established by the Boards; recommends policies for Board approval; monitors spending and makes every effort to see that expenditures are within defined limits; protects and preserves the assets of SLHCH, LIFE and SPIRITRUST LUTHERAN.

  • Interacts with all colleagues in ways that assist one another in the successful performance of their duties.

  • Provides support, encouragement, and direction to the individuals under his/her direct supervision; acts as a resource for staff in problem solving and properly communicates within the established chain of command.

  • Creates an atmosphere that promotes a positive and respectful work environment.

  • Abides by the current laws and organizational policies and procedures designed and implemented to promote an environment which is free of sexual harassment and other forms of illegal discriminatory behavior in the work place.

  • Cooperates with, participates in, and supports the adherence to all Agency policies, procedures, and practices in support of risk management and overall safety and soundness and compliance with all regulatory requirements, i.e., HIPAA, OSHA, etc.; insures that all personnel adhere to the same.

  • Abides by and supports the organization’s code of conduct by exhibiting behavior that is set forth in the code of conduct. Performs duties in accordance with the code of conduct and completes annual compliance training.

Implements specific procedures and programs as follows:

a. Ensures an atmosphere which allows for the privacy, dignity, and well- being of all LIFE participants in a safe, secure environment.

c. Assures development and implementation of an Emergency Action Plan.

d. Maintains confidentiality of team member, client and participants information as appreciate

13. Develops, implements, and achieves annual goals and objectives as established for Community Health Services as follows:

a. Allocates resources, e.g., human, financial, etc., toward tasks required to achieve goals and objectives.

  • Directs, through appropriate management and supervisory personnel, day-to-day activities in support of objectives.

c. Measures effectiveness and performance of the systems and people.

  • Develops resources, as appropriate, to improve efficiency and productivity.

14. Organizes each Program, i.e., structure, human resources, etc., in order to

  • objectives.

15. Directly supervises assigned staff as follows:

a. Recruits and selects new personnel as appropriate.

b. Makes provisions for the proper orientation and training of new staff.

c. Reviews team members’ performance throughout the introductory period and on a

regularly scheduled basis thereafter.

d. Organizes, schedules, and distributes work among assigned staff.

  • Keeps staff informed of pertinent policies and procedures affecting the department and/or their jobs; creates an atmosphere in which upward communication from team members is encouraged.
  • Administers policies and procedures as established by organization policy.

  • Maintains an active awareness of educational opportunities for the staff; recommends in-service training and educational programs that will promote staff development and meet the needs of each department.

19. Evaluates data related to resources and program and makes appropriate corrective actions with team members, if necessary, to ensure compliance with all rules, regulations, and agency policies.

20. Communicates and interfaces with management personnel throughout the agency in order to integrate objectives and activities.

21. Provides periodic reports to each Board and other groups, committees, agencies, or individuals as required throughout the organization i.e., quality assurance and/or statistical reports, surveys, etc.

Location: SpiriTrust Lutheran · Adminstration
Schedule: Full Time, Day Shift, 8a-4p

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